Jill Brodin






Hej, my name is Jill Brodin. I am born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of October 1961.   As a child I sat dreaming over my maps, pretending to sail to distant islands around the world.


Sometimes the names of some of them were enchanting enough to make me travel in my mind for hours ;Zanzibar, Floreana, Tikopia, Rapa Nui….

Maybe I’ll see them soon 🙂



I have spent some time in the wonderful archipelago of Stockholm

and around the Swedish coast but I have never been sailing until I met Rein in 2011 on the Transsiberian Express and realised we had a dream in common…

Many are the times when I have been joking about what I would do if I was lucky enough to win on the lottery.

-“I would buy a sailing boat and go travelling around the world, but I can’t sail so I have to learn first and find a captain, ha, ha!”

And suddenly there he was…


The data

  • Jill Brodin
  • Born 30 Oct 1961 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Profession-Accounting, Bookkeeping
  • Additional-Reikimaster, diploma in Healingmassage
  • Languages-Swedish, English, will (try to) learn Spanish on our way
  • Sailing education: Förarbevis, Coastal navigation
  • Hobbies: Drawing and painting, reading