Rein Levendig

Rein Levendig

Hello, my name is Rein. I am born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 4th of december 1965. Till my early 20’s I have been living in the surroundings of Amsterdam and in my spare time you could find me on, in or around the water. Later I moved to the eastern part of the Netherlands and I always said, before I buy a house, I buy a boat and so it was.


With my first boat, which was stationed at the river Maas, I explored the
innerwaterways of the Netherlands but also used it on the IJsselmeer, Because this boat was moveable on a trailer I transported it to Denmark and sailed over there. My second boat could also be transported on a trailer and with this boat I sailed in the Mediterranean, in spain ans Croatia. After a few years I bought a ship that
was able for bigger journeys and used it along the coast of Holland and to travel to England.

In 2011 I met Jill and before I had told her about my dreams (sailing to distant shores) she told me that she had a dream of sailing far away. She was only looking for a captain so…… the equation was right 1+1>2.

So now I could start the life I always wanted ….. Yippieh



The data:

  • Rein Levendig
  • Born 4-12-1965, in Amsterdam
  • Education: Technical Highschool, civil engineering (road and waterconstruction)
  • Proffesion: Projectleader and consultant civil engineering
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Swedish
  • Hobbies: Sailing (of course), mountainbiking, applied electronics, discovering nature
  • Sailing education: Short range certificate, coastal navigation, applying resin