Travel with us

Join us in our adventure

Would you like to travel with us. That's possible.

We think it is nice to travel with people who also think living the aquatic life is great. And, since it is your vacation, we want to make your stay as close as possible to the perfect experience.

If you travel with us we will pick you up in a harbour close to an airfield (and we will take you back to that harbour at the end of your vacation). If you want to we can also arrange a transfer from the airport to the harbour. Ask us about our schedule, so you'll know were we will be at the moment you are planning to join us.

We have some theme's to give you an idea of the possibilities. But if you want something special, please tell us.

Our Premade packages


Travel with us and stay in the cosy forward cabins. We sail from harbour to harbour and can have stops at nice beaches were you can swim, take a sunbath or play.


Learn the basic of Reiki and get your Reiki diploma from Jill who is a diplomed Reiki Master.


Have wonderful  Reiki sessions or healing massages on deck.


During your stay you can learn the basics of having your own sailboat. Subjects like sailhandling, navigating, basic maintenance will be subjects during the travel. The things that you have learned can be practiced in a real situation during the day, and maybe you also want to learn about sailing during nighttime.


Use our captainscabin for your stay. A breakfast is waiting for you in the morning  and dinner is served on deck.


Enjoy the local scenery while having breakfast on deck.